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Thread: WiSpy Network Adapter that works on UNII 2 Extended Channels

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    Default WiSpy Network Adapter that works on UNII 2 Extended Channels

    I'm using a WUSB600N with a WiSpy dBx adapter and I'm not able to pick up the SSIDs on UNII 2 extended, like channel 104. I'vet ried changing the A Band Country Region in the registry to no avail. Any ideas or suggested network adapters that will scan across the entire 5GHz band?

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    It just occurred to me that this could be a .11h issue, however it seems like the WUSB600N should be able to passively scan these channels without causing problems.

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    I suspect it is a Windows issue. WZC to be exact. Most of our monitoring software receive their data from WZC and not from the device driver direct. Netstumbler turns off WZC and if it otherwise worked would most likely show the unii2e signals.
    I just asked Trent the same question over in the support fourm.. If we were to use another management interface.. Intel Pro Set for example we probably could connect to a SSID on the unii2e channels but we still would not 'see' them with inSSIDER.

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    That's for the tip, however I disabled the WZC service and still do not get UNII 2 SSIDs to show on WiSpy.

    Don't devices have to support .11h (DFS and TPC) in order to operate in this band? If so, I doubt any lower cost retail STA is going to work.

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    Possible that it is your card/wifi in the laptop.. Maybe it isn't compatible with UNII 2.. I use a Intel 5350 card, and do not have problems seeing anything on a XP with WZC on.. you might try getting a new card with is DFS compatible.


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    Agreed, the issue is certainly the wifi adapter. Unfortunately using a laptop/internal wifi radio card is not an option, I need to find a USB radio that will show the SSIDs in the UNII 2 extended band.


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