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    I recently needed to come in and troubleshoot a Sonicwall based WLAN network designed by a 3rd party for a local hotel. After making some tweaks I went into about 15 vacant rooms and used both my Wi-Spy dbx Pro/Chanalyzer combo and Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector Windows 7 gadget along with my Intel 5100 AGN card. There was a pretty consistent correlation between the AP's RSSI as shown in Chanalyzer and the Xirrus gadget.. I'm looking for a safe process for evaluating coverage (e.g. post site survey).. Can someone advise on this?

    Also, any feedback and what would be considered a safe benchmark RSSI wise for data clients?

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    Thank you for your question! As of right now RSSI has not been standardized so different vendors will provide different results. inSSIDer and the Xirrus Wi-Fi monitor will provide the RSSI that they receive from the Windows Native Wi-Fi API. That is about as consistent as you can get.

    If you are looking to evaluate coverage I recommend using a site survey tool that interpolates the data across a floor plan. This makes tracking coverage pretty easy. It will also allow you to set your minimum thresholds or SNR for each implementation. We have two tools that do this: VisiWave Site Survey and Ekahau Site Survey

    Both of these applications can generate reports and track coverage by a single AP or SSID.

    Also if you want to read more about the RSSI see CWNP's section in the CWNA book CWNA SNR and RSSI


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