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Thread: chanalyser not working with Acer 5943g

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    Default chanalyser not working with Acer 5943g

    I get no display in the networks-graph or the networks-table tabs.
    The Wi-Spy is V1 and the wireless is Broadcom 80211n

    System OS is windows 7 64bit home premium.
    Computer is Acer 5943g

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    Please click on Start -> type in services -> Select Services -> Scroll down the list of Services until you find WLAN Autoconfig. Start this services and then start Chanalyzer. Please let me know if this resolves you issue.

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    No it does not resolve the issue.
    I am running chanelyser lite version

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    Chanalyzer 2 is incompatible with Wi-Spy v1, which is no longer supported. You will need Chanalyzer Lite 1:

    If you would like to upgrade to the Wi-Spy 2.4x, we currently have a promotion that will get you almost 50% off. If you're interested, let us know at support (at) metageek (dot) net

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    Thanks Bret.
    downloading the correct version of chanelyser solved the problem.

    Regards Dave.


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