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Thread: Hacking VENDOR info.

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    Default Hacking VENDOR info.

    New user here.

    I am a lil' amazed that the router's vendor & MAC ID info shows up in inSSIDer's report. I had NO IDEA this sort of info was transmitted publicly. Is this info hackable/change-able? I am not looking to actually CHANGE any hardware, just the INFO ITSELF, that is sent out.

    Is there any other info that is sent out over the airwaves that is NOT shown? Just wonderin'...


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    This will give you an idea of the information included that can potentially be read:

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    In conjunction to what Bret stated. All manufactures of network devices such as Access Points are assigned a range of MAC address. This information is publicly available and the table can be included into software such as inSSIDer for reference. inSSIDer uses this information to display the vendor once it has the MAC address. Below is a link where you can test it out if you like.


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