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Thread: A couple of questions about inssider

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    Default A couple of questions about inssider


    I've recently started using inSSIDer and it looks like a really nice bit of software. I do have a couple of questions regarding it however:

    1) How often is the data refreshed? (I see it logs every 2 seconds and if I put my hand over the antenna it drops within about 2 seconds but just want to confirm that)
    2) How is the signal quality measured?


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    1) The data is refreshed as often as the WiFi adapter reports it, or 1 second whichever takes longer
    2) Do you mean signal quality or RSSI? They are two different things.

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    The signal quality, there is an entry in the logs for it but I can't find an explanation on how its calculated

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    Any ideas?

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    Well, the NativeWiFi documentation says this:

    This member contains a value between 0 and 100. A value of 0 implies an actual RSSI signal strength of -100 dbm. A value of 100 implies an actual RSSI signal strength of -50 dbm.

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    Cheers, didn't see that.

    So it's just a representation of the signal strength rather than the actual quality (i.e. dropped packets)

    Thanks for your help


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