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    The first column with the colored boxes does not display check marks in my installation of inSIDDer 2.0 though the on/off graph display does function. I am aware of several other installations in which the check marks do not display (except for the one at the head of the column). Any ideas?

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    Question Update

    Still no luck in getting check marks to display in the first column with the colored (check) boxes. Three of us have installed inSIDDer 2.0 on 3 WIN 7 64 bit systems and one WIN XP system. The XP and one of the WIN 7s do display the check marks, the other two WIN 7 64 bit systems do not. I have attempted several uninstalls and reinstalls using different installer files to no avail. Note - the checkbox column does work - I just don't see the checkmarks which assist in quickly identifying displayed router info.

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    Update - still no solution to the missing check marks dilemma. I am aware of inSIDDer 2.0 being installed on 4 different WIN 7 64 bit systems. Two of those PCs display the check mark and two do not. The curious thing is that I used the same installer file on two of those PCs, one of which displays the check marks and one of which does not. This leads me to believe there is likely a Windows options setting or perhaps a Registry key relationship of some sort.

    Since I have seen no other posts on the forum reporting this problem I gather this has not been a major issue. Still a solution would be nice for those of us experiencing the problem.

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    Hello can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing? On thing to check between machines that work and ones that do not is by right clicking on the desktop. Select Personalize, On the lower left of the screen select the Display link. Select Smaller if not already selected.

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    Thank you, Thank you! Your input provided the solution. I had my display set to 125%. When set back to "Smaller" the check marks display within the colored boxes. I am sure a check with my friend without the check marks will confirm that he also has his Display setting increased as I know he has vision problems.

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    Glad to hear that resolved the issue. I will make sure that this is brought to the MetaGeek engineers attention for a future release of the software. Just out of curiosity if you set it to 150% (Larger) do you have the same issue with the Marks?

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    Default No 150% Option

    The 1366 x 768 resolution of my 15.6" laptop does not offer the 150% option.


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