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Thread: how to copy data in inssider v2

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    Default how to copy data in inssider v2

    hey all

    i want to export data from the inssider to xml or ccv like in v1.
    any clue how can i do it


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    Default Quick-n-dirty GPX to CSV in Python

    The .gpx file already is XML, though I don't know whether there's a published schema that makes it easy to use with standard XML tools (I'm an old-fashioned CSV kinda guy, myself).

    I took the gpx2googlemaps Python app from sourceforge, and hacked it into a simple .csv creator.

    It's not pretty, but it seems to work so far.

    You may need to rename the file to .py: I had to call it "gpx2csv.txt" to get the attachment manager to accept it.

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