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Thread: Accessing WiSpy V1 in VMware

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    Default Accessing WiSpy V1 in VMware

    My new laptop has Win7 which does not support the old V1 WiSpy. I thought it should work readily in VMware with Chanalyser light, but no luck.
    I have ensured that WiSpy is disconnected from the Host and connected to the Guest (VMware) OS, and Device Manager in the virtual (Guest) machine can see it, but Chanalyser can't.

    Does anybody have experience with this?
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    The old Wi-Spy has never worked in a virtual machine. Believe it or not the hardware of the first Wi-Spy was the same as a USB mouse receiver with some special firmware installed. The VMware probably recognizes it as mouse receiver without a mouse. We offer a trade in price for the old Wi-Spy, contact us at support at metageek d0t net.

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    Thanks for the quick response Trent. Do all the current range of products and software apps work ok in VMware? I prefer to keep as much stuff off the main OS as possible to simplify backups and rebuilds.

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