Hi you all,

After use of NetStumbler v0.4.0 for many years i have desided to move on and use another Wardriving tool.

I stumbled on InSSider as it can be used for Wardriving as it is able to save the founded AP's with GPS information and has more other nice features.

But i soon noticed that it is not suitable for Wardriving

I use a Laptop with 2GHz Core2Duo CPU and 2GB memory and when inSSIder found aboud +/- 4000 AP's it uses about 930mb memory and slowdown my whole laptop till it is not able anymore to scan (freezes).

I have closed all applications that are running included the one in the background by using (EndItAll2) but still no good results.

Please let me now if you have a solution for this issue i have!?