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Thread: RE: What Is RSSI & Why Is Mine Lowest?

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    Smile RE: What Is RSSI & Why Is Mine Lowest?

    It's seems to stay at 49 no matter where I move my channel.
    There are two others with a 95 and one with 75. Sometimes the 75 is OPEN RANGE and sometime its with one of the neighbors'
    Is this saying why my Skype calls disconnect?
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    The RSSI is a measure of the signal strength. It is a negative number so the lower the figure the better.

    RSSI is mostly affected by your distance from the access point and whether there are any obstructions like walls) in the way. What channel you are using doesn't matter.

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    Hi Skype My English,

    I'm assuming that your RSSI is minus 49, which would indicate quite a strong signal.

    Using VOIP generally (Skype in particular ) in NOT recommended over WiFi - try to connect your computer via ethernet cable to your router and your Skype should be fine.

    (RSSI does NOT have to be negative - some programs show it as a positive number)


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    So, with Skype it's best to use the ethernet cable as a rule. Thanks, mayim
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    mo, if my number is low and there aren't any overlapping channels -just some at the same place -everything is o.k.? I think my wireless Skype connections were fine a while back and now they disconnect all the time.
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