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    I'm at a WI-Fi spot. On the inSSIDer I saw area businesses on all sorts of channels: 2, 3 9-12. And, they even moved around.
    Why does everyone say US only goes on 1, 6, 11.
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    Channels 1 to 11 are legally available for use in the US. In most other countries channels 12 and 13 can also be used.

    The reason channels 1, 6 and 11 are so often used is that they are the 3 channels whose frequencies don't overlap. However if you are in a location where there are strong nearby sources on those 3 channels then you can use an in-between channel to try and minimise interference.

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    So, I can set up on any channel? My RSSI is -50 whereas my neighbors' is -90. What does this mean?

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