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Thread: Delorme LT20 GPS setup

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    Default Delorme LT20 GPS setup


    I've installed the Delorme Serializer that is required to use the Delorme LT20 with inSSIDer. The serializer says the LT20 GPS is working and tracking. The problem is that the inSSIDer doesn't see it. Does anyone know what the GPS configuration values need to be set at? The serializer says I'm using COM2 and I have that set on the config window but this window also want data rate, handshake, stop bits, etc.

    Also, do I have to do anything else to "enable" the GPS for the inSSIDer app to see it?

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    Generally the manual for the GPS or virtual serial port software will tell you what the baud rate, etc. is.
    Also make sure the GPS is outputting NMEA 0183 (v2.3 or higher) data.

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    I'm using the Delorme serializer software and can only find the port # (2) and the data format (NMEA) but no info on the baud rate, stop bits, etc.

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    Use PuTTY (download here: to try to open the serial port using a baud rate of 4800.
    You should see text appearing in the console that looks similar to the sample data here:
    (If the output is garbled, try a 9600 baud rate.)

    If you do, then inSSIDer should be able to get GPS info.
    (Remember to close other programs that would use the serial port, two programs can't use the same port at the same time.)

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