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Thread: Chanalyser lite, USB Wi-Spy dbx and mac os

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    Default Chanalyser lite, USB Wi-Spy dbx and mac os


    I've got a problem with my USB Wi-Spy dbx and Chanalyser lite on mac os.

    Everything worked fine, when one of my colleague used it on a chanalyser 4 on Windows.

    Since that moment, the chanalyser lite stops to detect the USB Wi-Spy on my Mac, but it still working on Windows and the USB Wi-Spy works with soft like Eakiu on my Mac.
    My colleague told me that there has been an upgrade of the USB Wi-Spy when he plugs the device on his laptop.

    Have you ever met something like that ?



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    Hi Jean,

    The last update for Chanalyzer Lite for Mac was released over two years ago. Since then we have improved the firmware on every Wi-Spy which makes them incompatible with older versions of software. We are currently working on Chanalyzer Mac which will be released next week or so. This will allow you to use Chanalyzer on your mac again.

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    Great. Thanks for this news


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