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Thread: any ideas about this rouge signal?

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    Default any ideas about this rouge signal?

    When the wifi is used, speed drops from 108mbps to 2mbps, and it eventually disconnects and can't be reconnected until the device is rebooted or after a couple minutes. Recordings show almost the whole spectrum becomes a mess.

    I unplugged all the wireless networks accept one, and i noticed this signal chirping across all the channels, any ideas what it might be? Any recommendations on working around such a signal?

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    Are you sitting right next to that wireless AP? Because you have some really strong signals on there.. You may be seeing leakage from the AP if you are too close to it, also it can not want to connect because it is like turning the stereo up to 9/10 and all you get is distortion (no music). Try getting away from that AP so that the RSSI is around -70dBm. Let us know if the problem still persists.. I think the main problem is your computer and router are just SCREAMING at each other..


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    I agree with Oxygen. Anything within the range of -30 to -40 is typically within the same room, or within feet of the Wi-Spy. Your internal wireless card will scan for available access points too. Try turning off the wireless card or disable wi-fi scanning and see if it ceases.

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