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Thread: Cannot see bonded channels in version

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    Default Cannot see bonded channels in version

    Previous versions of Chanalyzer Pro use to show me if a channel was bonded by showing something like 11+7 under the Channels column on the Networks tab. For some reason, this feature was either removed or does not work in the version

    This was confirmed when I emailed Metageek for help and the person who helped me said that he knows of other incidents where the bonded channels did not show up for other people as well.

    He then told me to download inSSIDer (version 2.0 at the time), and it would show me the bonded channels.

    Sure enough, after downloading inSSIDer and doing a scan, it showed me the bonded channels that I was looking for while using Chanalyzer Pro.

    Just thought I'd mention it here so that other users and developers are aware of it.

    Thanks for creating these great products,

    Alan H.

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    Thanks Alan


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