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Thread: New to Channalyzer and would appreciate some feed back on this capture

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    Default New to Channalyzer and would appreciate some feed back on this capture

    I'm trying to trouble shoot periodic handoff problems. This is a g system with channels locked in on 1 -6-11. I think I'm seeing some potential interference in this capture.

    Noise floor seems acceptable.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Did you have the wireless nic turned on when you did this capture ?

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    Default yes, was running a survey and doing the SA

    yes, was running a survey and doing the SA

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    Please turn OFF all WiFi bluetooth ect. on the computer and any cell phones on your person when doing the scan.

    Please rescan the area in question again and upload the file to this thread.

    I see a lot of "self" made spikes, bluetooth, scanning by your computer. It is hard to pin down what is interference or just "self made" interference.. By turning off everything on the computer and on you, rescanning and uploading it we may be of better use. Also, what is it you think you see on the scan that in interference? If it is the long lines that go across the whole screen, I think that is just 802.11g bleeding from your WiFi device in the computer..


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    I'm obviously making beginner mistakes. In the future I'll have to do the SA separate from the survey. This SA took place during the walk thru for a passive site suvey. I didn't think I saw any apparent interferance, however I suspected the overall density of the images I was looking at.

    I really appreaciate you taking a look!



    Can't redo the survey at this point, it was a 7 hour site survey and I no longer have access to the facility.

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    No prob.. happy to help..

    It took me a good several months of daily use to get good at using Chanalyzer and the Wi-Spy's so don't feel bad.. In reality SA is a tricky business. Yes, do not do a SA & survey at the same time if you are looking for specific problems that are intermittent. The computer Rf usually screws things up when trying to interpret the results.. I also find that my blackberry messes up my 700 MHz & 900 MHz results with the Wi-Spy 900x. So I have to turn it off.. I can get 790Mhz bleeding though from up to 40+ ft away from the blackberry.. safest way is to eaither Leave it in the car, or turn it off (battery pull)..

    Edit: I recommend an EXTERNAL antenna connected to the WiSpy and a USB extender cable.. Get that Wi-Spy away from the computer at all costs.. you will get much better results..

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