OK, bear with me please.

A little history first. I've been having router problems (possibly). For 9 months my ISP provided Motorola Surfboard SBG6850 worked flawlessly. Then in mid Aug. my wireless HP Printer started locking up. Had to remove power to shutdown.

A few weeks later my wife who's computer is connected wirelessly as well complained her system was slow getting data. The HP printer during this time would lock up sometimes 2 or 3 times a day or work fine for days at a time. A speed test showed her internet connection speed was 1/8th of what it should be. Wireless (N) was connecting at the proper speed. I got NetStumbler to see what was going on.

OK, the ISP decided to replace the Surfboard with another one. It however only connected at 130Mbps wireless speed to my wife's computer, not the 270Mbps that the connection normally was (Linksys WMP300N device). The next day it was connecting at 270Mbps and the day later back to 130Mbps. I was changing control channels (40Mhz band) and Netstubler was showing the correct channel. I realized that that program was old and never supported N speed. I then found iiSSIDer. It had the same data showing and the channel numbers matched.

Well, the ISP was out of Surfboards and installed a Ubee DDW3610. It appeared to work correctly. Wife's computer connected at 270Mbps. Printer connects fine. So did my iPad and other devices we have (both N and G).

Now the problem. The channels do not match what the Router thinks it is putting out.

Conflicting results...

Router -- channel 11
Printer -- channel 11
iiSSIDer -- channel 9

I found Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, agrees with inSSIDer, channel 9?

See the attached screenshots (router is 'admin')... why?

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Irv S.