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    Default Signal fluctuation/signal drops

    A little background, I recently setup Virgin ADSL in my student flat with six other people. The supplied router (DGM1000 /w proprietary VM firmware) is attached to a wall ~1.7m up. The master socket is however in another room (which gives poor connection, at one side of the house and the flatmates room is full of interference) so I've ran a 15m rj11/rj11 cable into the lounge to set this up. It's now in the prime position, imo, in the house. Router gives a 39dB line attenuation and 6dB noise margin @ 7pm. Tried the test socket in the master socket and it gives me the same speed as without it.

    Anyway, so I setup inSSIDer as my flatmate was getting signal dropping/unable to connect even when in the same room as the router. Changed the channel to channel 11 as there are quite a lot of people on channel 1/6/others in the area.

    The laptop is unable (as is another flatmates) to connect to the router even when in the same room but it connects fine to my wireless AP on my phone. Signal strength comes up as full on Win7. Laptop is a Samsung R530.

    See the attached screenshot for what's happening to the signal. It flip flops between -40ish to -95 every second or so. The router's SSID is "thewarren" (blame my lame flatmates) and highlighted as yellow on the graph and this was taken in the same room as the router, roughly 1m away.

    Sorry for the wall of text but figured I'd give as much information as possible so you don't have to waste posts/time asking for it.

    EDIT: I restarted the router and it's gone back to how it should be (constant -40dB ish) but this isn't the first time I've seen this happen and it actually happens quite often (every other day or so) and constantly restarting the router is a pain.
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    Possible cause is that the router and the laptop computer are too close to each other (like screaming at each other).. THe router is compensating by turning the power down on the TX to find a stable connection rate, but then tries to up the data rate hence upping the power.. Also, it could be that another computer that is connected it making the router up the power to connect with it at a given transfer rate. If there is heavy interference, it could be MANY things.. Try getting a Wi-Spy 2.4x..

    You mentioned that there was a lot of interference..? How do you know? is it all 2.4? if it is why not change to a 5GHz router instead? Try not connecting that 1 laptop and see if AP is stable.. Put it somewhere else where you think there is little RF interference..

    Also, does this Up and Down of the graph really impact the transfer rates, or do you just unplug it to get rid of this reading.. It may be nothing at all! Honestly, there are many possible causes, but I don;t think that we will be of much help with the info you have given.

    Edit: Also make sure that the computer you are using with inSSIDer is NOT connected to the AP or any wireless, at the time of these readings. (As a matter of fact turn off all the wireless you can around you before taking the readings). This Up and down can happen when it is connected from broadcasts, ect...

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have seen the same thing as Rollerball and the user experience is the same too, drops for no apparent reason. They do reconnect after a short period but it's an issue for my client. I've seen other networks that had more potential interferrence than this one and no issues. I've never seen this output before so I'm stumped as to what I can tell my client, the too close (screaming) concept may have merit, but can you guys at Metageek help by giving your opinion?



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