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Thread: Unknown high amplitude signals across whole 2.4GHz range?

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    Default Unknown high amplitude signals across whole 2.4GHz range?

    I'm using WiSpy 2.4x to install Sonos Wireless HiFi systems. In this setup in the shop you can see our WiFi on channel 11 playing Spotify, and the Sonos on channel 6.
    But what could all the red be?
    Many thanks
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Perhaps it's a wifi jammer since it seems to effectively block out most of the wifi 2.4GHz range...
    If you just search for "wifi jammer" on dealextreme you'll find quite a few. usually they say 2400-2400MHz in the title, but in the description it's 2400-2500MHz
    It seems to do the same thing as on your screenshot, only not as high as 2500MHz

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    Well, seeing how the time span is nearly 20 hours, all of excess activity is most likely the WiFi adapter scanning for APs. I would highly recommend turning off WiFi scanning and reducing the time span to 5-10 minutes. That would give a better picture of any problem-causing interference.
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    Thanks, was the WiFi card itself probing!

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    Yep, that is the WiFi card just rotating through to see what channels are free and what's available.. turn off the card and it will go away..



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