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    Hi, i have been having a few problems with my internet so used inssider for first time in a while and found my router sending multiple signals. Last time i used the program this was not the case. Any ideas if this is a problem? These are both from my router and i have guest network disables if that makes any difference.

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    First and probably only problem is that the dBm (signal) of the AP is WAY to strong! -27dBm that is your problem.. the computer and AP are SCREAMIING at each other!


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    I was right by the router then, its usualy around 50dBm. Why is it showing 2 lines from the 1 network. It used to just show the 1 line.

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    Because there are 2 MAC address's associated with the AP.. not sure if you or someone else changed anything, by that is why it is showing 2 lines.. now if you didn;t do anything, I would be uncertain as to why it would come out now.. Maybe a firmware upgrade? However, it is correct in showing 2 lines.. You might look at the AP as what the 2 different MAC's are associated with in it.. is it a "bridge/link" AP because it may have 2 radio's in it..


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    A lot of APs now support multiple SSIDs. Sometimes this is useful similar to VLANs in which you would separate the Guest access with an SSID "Guest" with protected as "Protected." Each SSID will have its own MAC - some APs can have up to 8 SSIDs.

    My guess is that when you configured the AP you accidentally filled out a secondary SSID as well. If not it may be a function of the router to have a "bridge/link" option as Oxygen said.


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