Hi Stephen,
I hope you are able to assist me, Im a Wireless Engineer and we do Survey's for WIFI installations and we use inSSider to test the AP strength and signal strength works very well with windows. I have a MacBookPro and i payed for the inSSider app and it works well with my onboard wifi card, problem is its not picking up my USB wifi adapter even when im connected with it and using the data from the AP, the USB adapter picks up the AP and i connect to it but inSSider is not picking up that i have a USB adapter connected, it keeps telling me to switch on my wifi card? Reason why this is important as we have a specified USB wifi adapter that all the engineers have to use to get the same reading so we can all have a universal test of the wifi signal.
now in windows the insider program allows me to choose either the onboard card or a USB adapter, it picks up when i insert the usb adapter and allows me to use it, Why does the inSSider on the mac not pickup or allow me to choose a USB device once connected? also the free program in windows has more settings and options than the paid app in mac why?
your help in this regard will be greatly appreciated. this is literally riding on us using a different app if we cannot get it to work.