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Thread: Thx for my program

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    Default Thx for my program

    Using this program, i have successfully analyse and determine the source of my problem.
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    my connection is the red one. From left to right No more fluctuation and on a free channel

    I found out that my problem is because of encryption issues, i changed the channel so it rules out interference. Then from the software i see that the stable connections from my vicinity uses WPA/WPA2 and only i used WEP thus i changed it to WPA encryption and it solved the problem. It may be because of some WEP protocol/packet overhead issue that caused it or that maybe some other people piggybacked my network but i ruled that out because any computer that connected will be recorded on my router and is no other node.

    The problem now is that, although i am happy my network is as smooth as silk now, i dont know why my a WEP encryption can cause so much problem. Anyone knows why using a WEP encryption can cause so much problem?

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    I meant thx for "THE" program haha


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