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Thread: Update firware Atheros AR9285 ruined InSSIDer 2.0

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    Default Update firware Atheros AR9285 ruined InSSIDer 2.0

    Today I was prompted by M$'s Windows Update to download and install an optional update. It happened to update the firmware of the Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter which runs on my Asus X52JT laptop, Windows7 64-bit driven btw. It ruined InSSIDer 2.0.

    So I guess an update for InSSIDer 2.0 might follow soon?

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    Strange, I update got an update for that same WiFi chipset that's in my netbook. inSSIDer 2 still works fine.
    Could you explain how it ruined inSSIDer (what doesn't work right, etc.)?

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