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Thread: Amplitude unit question should be dBm not dB

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    Default Amplitude unit question should be dBm not dB

    I have a question about using SSIDer. It shows amplitude in dB. But I think it should be power level at receiving client and should be in dBm.
    What do you think of it. Thanks a lot!

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    The use of dBm is accurate under Windows Vista & 7, but I'm not sure what unit Windows XP reports RSSI in. So, dB was used because it's reference-less. We'll probably change it to dBm sometime in the future.

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    I'm using Windows 7 actually, but it shows dB as attachment in my previous post. Is it a bug?

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    Yes, I should have been clearer in my post. inSSIDer currently displays dB on all versions of Windows, where we should be using dBm.

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    is there any possibility to include this change in the next release? or just release a patch for most of the users that have win 7 machines?
    thanks in advances for your help.

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    I have added this fix to be in the next release.


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