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Thread: Android Tablet Support

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    Default Android Tablet Support

    Probably wont happen, but if you dont ask.. you dont get

    I use the dbx with my windows 7 laptop and love it, but sometimes would be easier wandering around with my motorola Xoom (android honeycomb)
    my +1 Would be nice to see future support for Android

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    Ditto! I too would love to have Motorola Xoom support for my 2.4x with Chanalyzer 4!

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    I've got it on my xoom and it is currently being developed on by one of the MetaGeeks.

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    I'm *DEFINITELY* interested in an Android version as I take my Android tablet everywhere I go and rarely take my laptop any more. I currently use Wifi Analyzer on Android, however Chanalyzer for Android and the Wi-Spy DBx will make an awesome, portable scanning and mapping tool!


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