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    I am new to inSSIDer, and am using it because my project is related to wireless networks.
    I've been using inSSIDer on my laptop and a wifi analyzer app on my mobile phone to detect the channels used.

    However, I got this different result by checking my own router.
    From inSSIDer, my network channel is 1+5, but from the mobile phone app, it shows channel 3.
    Why is that so?

    Sorry if it's a noobie question.


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    802.11N access points can use a 40MHz channel mode to achieve high throughput (the advertised 150-300Mbps). This requires using 2 normal channels, the primary and a secondary (1 + 5 being channel 1 is the primary, while 5 is the secondary). This is explained more here:

    As for the phone showing channel 3, the phone is reporting the 'center' channel number. The center channel is the channel that is between the primary and secondary channels.

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    Thanks for the explanation! I read that post before asking this question. I am actually just curious about the result of my mobile phone app.

    thanks again!


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