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Thread: Using cell phone or pc pocket as GPS receiver

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    Default Using cell phone or pc pocket as GPS receiver


    I downloaded inSSIDer and I would like to use it for my first wardriving survey. I dont have any GPS receiver, but I have pocket PC and phone (windows mobile 6 and 6.5) with GPS and I would like to ask, what to do to make it work with inSSIDer. I search on internet with no luck. Pls help.

    Thank you

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    You would have to bluetooth or cable connect it to windows first, then inSSIDer should probably see it.. Otherwise if you cannot bluetooth the gps to your computer & a cable is not connectable, it is probably a lost cause..

    I use a Qstartz BT-Q818X a lot as a bluetooth GPS as they are pretty accurate.. Also they don't break the bank.. Products/BT-Q818X-F.htm

    I also connect it to my blackberry and use it to log coordinates if out on a 4 wheeler.. I prefer the accuracy of the Qstartz to the integrated GPS on the blackberry..

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