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Thread: Large Positive RSSI values

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    Default Large Positive RSSI values

    I have searched the forums but have not found an answer to the following though it seems a few people have mentioned it. I recently updated to inSSIDer (I do not remember the old version) and I am seeing something weird in this version. inSSIDer is showing networks with an RDDI of +160. All the others are in the "standard" range of -50 to -93. It looks to me that this is some type of math bug as occasionally I see a square wave type signal of a network going from -95(ish) up to +160, then back to -95(ish). Does anyone know what is really going on here? Thanks.

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    This should be fixed in the next update. (Hopefully before the end of the year)

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    These excessive RSSI values, from the intel 4965AGN radios, are getting old... and difficult to explain to people looking over my sholder wondering why I would even stick with this utility.

    Is there a beta fixing this problem that we can test?
    ... or i'm going to have to move onto something else.

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    Please try this build of inSSIDer:

    It should fix the large positive RSSI problem. However, it does not fix the high (around -10 to 0 dBm) RSSI problem as that is an Intel chipset problem, not an inSSIDer problem.


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