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    Question Scan speed

    Hello, just wanted to post 2 short questions. Thanks in advance:

    1- Scan speed is regulated by the GPS? (same update frequency)
    2- What is the scan speed if no GPS is installed?

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    The scan speed of inSSIDer is dependent on your specific WiFi adapter. inSSIDer will scan every 1 second, or whenever the WiFi adapter is done, whichever takes longer. For example, I have one WiFi adapter that completes a scan cycle in about 760ms, while another one takes 2 seconds to scan. The speed is also unaffected by GPS.

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    Thanks for the answer! I am new with inSSIDer and can just compare with old good NetStumbler where frequency scan was determined by the GPS. In that case I could take 10 measurements/s, is it possible that to speed up the WiFi adapter? 1 or 2 measurements every 2 seconds is quite slow to study the radio channel and filter out short-term fading...

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    Sorry, there isn't any way to speed up the scan interval except simply getting a WiFi adapter that scans quickly.

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