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Thread: What is the USB cable for that comes with the directional antenna?

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    Default What is the USB cable for that comes with the directional antenna?

    I received my Wi-Spy full package and I am wondering what I need the USB cable for, that comes with the directional antenna? Why can't I just use the usb cable that comes with the Wi-Spy adapter itself?

    Darn, I posted this in the wrong topic, I ment to post this in the Wi-Spy area.
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    You posted in the right area, it's all good!

    The Wi-Spy DBx v2 and the Wi-Spy 2.4x plug directly into your machine like a flash drive. On the DBx v3, we gave it it's own 6" Mini USB cable, so you wouldn't have to use an extension cable with the Device Finder. We still ship the short USB cable for backwards compatibility with the DBx v2 and the 2.4x.

    I can never get enough of those things, use it for something else!

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    Well, I tried to get a wi-fi signals out of my home into an outbuilding in my back yard.
    Connected this thing and the flag went from zero bars to 4. The tripod is somewhat unstable yet the gadget functions admirably.

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    In general a multi-directional antenna is a poor choice, even if you live in a strong (green) signal area. Stop Collection agency harassment.


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