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Thread: New and testing before checking works interferance :)

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    Hi everyone.

    New here and new to the wi-spy. Loving it so far though. I've been capturing at home to get used to the software for the reason i bought it for.... Tracking down by every few days we get days of unusable wifi and bad cordless phone signal.

    Any capturing at home i have seen a patten that looks like it might be AV sender but am unsure. It showing up up 5 times on the range. at about 2400,2425,2448,2472 and 2484mhz

    I've attached 2 images. one of the full range and one if the zoomed in section.

    Anyone give me any clues or confirm if i'm likely too be right with AV sender.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do all the zoomed in images look like the second pic? Because the 2nd pic looks a lot like a cordless phone. What Wi-spy are you using?

    I would do a zoomed in image at the lowest step possible and lowest Res BW, and 2.55ms dwell.. Get the best resolution of that image you can to try and see it.. Since it always seems to be there, this shouldn't be a problem. But that is also a problem in that cordless phones are intermittent. There is feedback that is made by the Wi-Spy USB itself and occurs every (I forget) 12 or 13 &/or 23 or 24 MHz.. I'll make an image/recording and upload it to show you..

    My thought is that since all the lines are perfectly apart from each other, that it is internal interference from the Wi-Spy or computer... try moving the Wi-Spy away from the computer using an extender cable and see if you can't isolate it from the computer.. 3-5 ft should do it and make sure the computer is not causing it..


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    Thanks for the reply Oxygen69. I am using the 2.4x

    your right if i add a usb extension and move it away even 15 cm it disappears.
    Seems to be picking it up form the USB hub it was connected to.

    Thanks for the input.


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