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Thread: My Timegraph is flatlining.

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    Default My Timegraph is flatlining.

    Currently, the Inssider timegraph began flatlining. Instead of the chaotic wave patterns, it just flatlines. Though I have been having intermittent network connection, I don’t think it’s the problem because the metageek directory is allowed through all the firewalls.

    It’s possibly one of two issues. First, I upgraded Microsoft to service pack 1 and I’ve noticed a lot of new configurations on my network. I disallowed the ones that allowed for sharing files and printers, but kept all the ones that allow for network detection. However, maybe there’s something that is incompatible with Inssider?

    The other possibility is that, briefly, I saw something called Sonic Wall show up on Inssider. Is it possible that someone’s firewall is creating interference on the net, which is also interfering with our network connections?

    Update: could it have to do with intelligent stream scanning?
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