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Thread: Laptop will not connect to my home Linksys router

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    Default Laptop will not connect to my home Linksys router

    Even though SSID is broadcasting and it is detected with inSSIDer can't connect to it. I can connect to a neighbours "default" network no problem but it seems as though something is blocking me from getting to my own router???? I have reset router, changed SSID, have no security (i.e. WEP/WAP), but no connection!! Any suggestions? THx.

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    This may not be the problem, but sometimes WiFi card config programs do not allow (on purpose) you to connect to an unsecured/default setting router. It is a security thing.. Maybe try adding an encryption and password and see if you can then connect..


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    I found I could not connect my new Windows 7 laptop to my old Linksys router. Eventually discovered that many old routers, including mine, will not work with Windows 7. The only answer was a new router.

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    ^ I wasn't aware that routers rely on OS for it to work. they should've retained or universal-ized the connection script on routers, so that problems like this won't pop up. Does it really matter that the router really depend on the OS? it makes no sense to me.


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