Hello all, this is Stephen here at MetaGeek. I just wanted to post a quick thread to give you some guidelines on how posts in the feature request section should be.

1: Title. Your title should be the feature request itself. So if you are requesting a feature in Chanalyzer Pro that lets you bold the font in the report builder your title should be something like "Bold Font Option in Report Builder".

2: Body. The body of your post should be descriptive and give a good clear idea of what you would like to see. Maybe even include some ideas as to how it could happen (as from my previous example, you could provide details like "I would like to see a button that allows you to bold the font. The button should be like a standard text editor and easy to find".)

3: Be realistic. Though programming can solve an almost infinite amount of issues, there are limits. You should make sure your feature request is realistic. From my example, a bold button is a very realistic feature request, however, asking for a feature that will automatically detect what item is causing interference, its make and model, and give you the direct longitude and latitude coordinates along with turn-by-turn GPS navigation to take you to the item is just a tad bit unrealistic.

4: Be respectful. We love to get feature requests from users as it helps us tailor our products to what our users want. It makes it a lot easier if that user is respectful about what they are asking and open to the possibility of the feature not being added. We work hard each day to improve our product and test several features. Some features just don't make the cut.

Thanks guys, please keep sending in your requests!