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Thread: Signal to Noise Ratio

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    Lightbulb Signal to Noise Ratio

    As per a conversation that I thought would be best suited for inSSIDer that you can see at the link below, I now know that this is better suited for the Chanalyzers. I would like to request that a Signal to Noise Ratio be added to Chanalyzer.

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    Talking Signal to Noise Ratio and Carrier to Interference Ratio

    I agree.
    I would also like to see a Carrier to Interference ratio.

    The difference is this:
    Usually S/N is signal over noise floor.
    C/I is prefferred carrier over interfering carrier.
    Both are useful, for different problems.

    The first, S/N, is very useful for dealing with non-compatible interference such as bluetooth generated noise (bluetooth looks like impulse noise as it channel hops over 79 channels), microwave ovens, zigby, analogue video, etc.

    The second, C/I, is very useful for mitigating compatible interference, such as other WiFi APs on the same channel. This is particularly useful if there are lots of APs administered by the same techs.
    I have done some testing and found that a C/I ratio 30 dB results in no measureable impact to throughput, allowing co-channel re-use using quantifiable parameters.
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