Hi All,

Just loaded InSSIDer and am finding it quite useful, but there is no help file and no way to discern the meaning of some of the functions. Or is there a one somewhere that I'm missing?

I'd like to know what the different line "textures" (ie: dotted, solid, bold, etc) mean.

The amplitude (RSSI) function shows what (I assume signal strength?) and is there a way to improve it?

There are some Youtube vids showing some user tips, in one vid the person's screen shows 3 windows yet mine only has two?

Is there a way to stretch out the time function so I can monitor more than 3 minutes at a time? When I log to a file it shows pretty large, yet if I convert it to KML it's less than 1k and completely empty?

And last but not least, thanks much for providing a free program that seems quite useful!