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Thread: Channel 1 going from -50 to -70

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    Default Channel 1 going from -50 to -70

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is one of my client's APs. It's mounted on the external wall of an office facing a large warehouse. On the laptops we see signal fluctuating from full signal to 3 out of 5 bars. I decided to run InSSIDer 2.0 and this is what I can see.

    It's using this AP:

    Any thoughts on what could cause this? Interference? They had two 2.4 Ghz cordless phones and i pulled the power on the base station, but I still saw the same result. Any ideas?

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    Do you by chance have multiple APs using the same SSID by chance? There is a known issue where inSSIDer will lump two BSSIDs together into the same SSID. I believe Tyler posted an installer with it fixed on here somewhere.

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    Hi Trent,

    Thanks for your response. There is only one AP in this warehouse, however I do know that it can support multiple SSIDs.

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    Well, unless you are having connectivity issues, I would say the fluctuation is caused by your wireless card more than something else. Some wireless cards don't give a lot of granular detail. Some cards may amplify the signal, and that usually tends to be about 20dB. If the amplification doesn't work all of the time it will count it as a lower reading.

    If there is a connectivity issue it could be a lot of things. For example you are in a warehouse where I assume there is a lot of machinery and shelves. An elevator can cause a 20dB loss or greater are there big fork lifts driving around at all, or metal doors opening and closing?

    Otherwise you may want to find a spectrum analyzer.


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