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Thread: MAC Address keeps changing on hpsetup

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    Default MAC Address keeps changing on hpsetup

    Where I work a new SSID has shown up. From what I've found "hpsetup" (802.11 B, Adhoc) is usually an HP wireless printer. What is unusal is that the MAC keeps changing once every 30 seconds which gives the appearance over time that there are many hpsetup's when in fact there is only one.

    Is it typical for an Adhoc network to generate random MACs on regular intervals? I used a filter (age < 5) to only show the current one.

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    Hi Steven,

    What a great use of the filters in inSSIDer. The first station in an IBSS generates the MAC address that the clients will associate with. The address is indeed a randomly generated MAC address which means the printer could be randomly generating new MAC addresses as it waits for a peer to connect.

    Any one else know the finer workings of IBSS?


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