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Thread: Allow custom setting of maximum and minimum values on the signal strength scale:

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    Default Allow custom setting of maximum and minimum values on the signal strength scale:

    The signals that I observe tend to be weaker than -55 dbm, so I would like to set the maximum signal level to -50 dbm. I assume that the pre-set maximum value (-15 dbm) is driven by some sort of constant, so it should not be a large effort to add a user interface (under "View", for example) to allow this value to be altered. Similarly, the minimum signal level is currently pre-set at -100 dbm. Allow the minimum signal-level value to also be set by the user. Then spread the viewing pane out to accomodate the difference between the specified maximum and minimum signal-value levels.

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    Hi pag,

    I agree and I posted a similar worded request on 12-06-2010 -

    Tyler responded saying

    " We are planning to have a preferences window so you can change graph limits, minimum scan time, gpx auto-save frequency, etc. "

    so hopefully it will be in the next release



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    I don't think this will make it in the next update... but the best way to get the feature in is to add it as an issue/feature request at github.

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    Hi Trent,

    What happened to the "plans" that Tyler was taking about ?

    When is the next release scheduled for ?

    What bugs fixes and new features will be included ?




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    That is a great question and to be honest I don't have a great answer for you. MetaGeek hasn't done an update to inSSIDer in a year. We have been using our developmental resources to make our other tools like Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer better. We have also been working on some projects that haven't been released yet..

    I'm not saying that inSSIDer won't receive any updates, because that would be completely false. The developers are currently working on an inSSIDer release as I type this. However the goal of this next update is to clean up the code and to reduce the number of errors.

    We may see some of these features added, but for the time being I recommend watching Tyler's fork of inSSIDer here:

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    Thanks Trent

    Much appreciated


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    Hey Trent,

    I downloaded and played with Tyler Adkisson's

    but I don't see any real difference from the current version ??

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    That's because the master branch on my fork is mostly just bugfixes since 2.0.7. I really did intend to have some form of settings in inSSIDer, but it never materialized.

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    Hopefully it will stay on the agenda and when

    time, energy and inspiration permit ...

    it will happen

    thanks, keep up the good work


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    Can I add this : good to excellent programming techniques include(and not limited to) ....NOT coding constants into a program that are not "optional" options. this RSSI for example needs to be set at max -100 (as that is the IEEE convention for measuring this field) and the lower i.e. closer to zero, probably never gets to -1 to -10 , unless you'r on top of the router itself. but a scale by user could be done, if YOU all think so. I , think that the manufauctrers name (OUI entry from IEEE), needs to be externalized, and used as a TXT file by the program. I also tend to agree that many options make more people happy.
    like saving settings across shutdown/startups, or tellining us if it is a 80211b/g or N?


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