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Thread: Best way to visualize 6000 APs?

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    Default Best way to visualize 6000 APs?

    I did 4 hours of surveying the other day and I got a pretty big log file: 53MB. I can load it into GE but it might be too much for GE. Or, my laptop is incredibly slow.

    Is there a better/easier way?

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    Wow that is a pretty massive file! With something that large any software trying to recall that amount of information will be slow. To my knowledge there is nothing that can handle that much information quickly and smoothly.

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    Yeah. I kinda figured. I just let GE crunch it for awhile.

    I only did part of DC, still left quite a bit untouched.

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    Hi electronbee,

    from your initial post I get the impression that all instances of the log data comprise
    the 53Mb. If you haven't already done this (or for future reference) you can generate a summary file
    with only the strongest signal data for each AP - that should cut the size down a lot.

    Talking about large log files and making a summary file have a look at ...



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