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Thread: Ordinary 2.4ghz wifi recording?

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    Default Ordinary 2.4ghz wifi recording?


    I'm new to WiSpy, but I've started to use it at customers when installing wireless networks and troubleshooting them.

    One of my customers is complaining about wlan connectivity at one specific floor, so I did a capture. What do you think, does this look normal?

    Edit: At 11:52 and 11:58 I initiated traffic from an IPhone (see picture), so to me, it just looks like there is almost no traffic going on there...
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    Hello Morten,

    This does appear to look normal, however, we would love to get the recording if you have it. Just send it to support at metageek d0t net

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    Thanks for your reply, Stephen. I have sent the recording

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    While it doesn't look extraordinarily bad, I see the WIFI jumping channels.. The lines going up and down are probably from your computer, but I would get the WiSpy away from the computer or USB hub and try to get an isolated recording.. because I see no reason why the WIFI jumped channels all of a sudden.. That is probably the problem they are having, a jumping access point.



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