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Thread: Wispy 2.4x stopped working‏

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    Default Wispy 2.4x stopped working‏


    I purchased an AirpCap Tx and Wispy 2.4x from Crownhill Associates (UK) on the 22/11/2010 (I can supply the order reference on request).

    Ten days ago, the device stopped working. No signal can be seen below 100dbm on either Chanalyzer 4 or Chanalyzer Pro, when I know there are many access points around.

    I have tried the Wispy 2.4x adapter on different USB ports, put the problem persists. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Chanalyzer Pro (V, as well as a previous version, but the problem persisted.

    Could you please let me know whether I can somehow test the Wispy 2.4x adapter. Maybe reinstalling its firmware could help?

    I am using Chanalyzer Pro on a Win Xp SP4 (.NET V3.5 SP1, V4 Client Profile, V4 Extended) Acer laptop.

    I emailed Crownhill Associates support 10 working days ago but got no reply.

    Thanks and regards


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    I would like to add I tried the Wispy 2.4x adapter on different machine running Chanalyzer 4 and got excatly the same problem.

    Please help!

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    Feel free to send us a capture so we can look at the values. send it to support at metageek d0t net. I will be able to confirm if the hardware has failed. If the hardware failed you will need to consult crownhill associates as to what their return policy is.

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    Yet another customer requesting below -100dBm support..


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    Quote Originally Posted by oxygen69 View Post
    Yet another customer requesting below -100dBm support..
    I don't think that's what this particular request is. It reads to me like it should be "No signal can be seen above -100dbm," but they missed the minus sign?

    almost_linear: has this been resolved? have you been able to get a response from Crownhill?

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    Hi Brian,

    I did get a response from Crownhill and they were very generous in replacing the Wispy 2.4x adapter.

    The damaged one was indeed measuring only signals in the range of -80 to -100dbm. The 'rate' of the measurement was very slow as well.

    Hope this helps you.
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    Glad to hear that you were able to get a working unit! Let us know if you have any questions about using Chanalyzer and always feel free to send us in recordings as we love to get them.



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