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Thread: a couple of first impressions of version

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    Smile a couple of first impressions of version

    My first impressions of the new version are ...

    a. it appears to run a lot faster than 2.0


    b. it feels like about a too much of the screen space
    is taken up with headers

    i'd like to be able to view/not view

    the "Filter" line

    the "Donate" line

    and the Tabs " News | Time Graph | .... "



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    As I think of it here's a couple more ..

    I really appreciate this version of inSSIDer being distributed as a '.msi'
    instead of the '.exe' as in previous versions. Some of the facilities I use
    block the download .exe's but allow .zip and .msi

    another point is the highlighting of the ap, one is connected to.
    on my laptop the highlight effect causes the text to distort
    so perhaps a different colour may be used instead of the highlighting?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mayim View Post
    b. it feels like about a too much of the screen space
    is taken up with headers
    I have to agree. Given that it has been decided to have the filter fields permanently displayed, then I would like to see the Donate button moved to the right edge of the tab bar. It would still be visible when the window is reduced to it's minimum allowed width and would add to the effect of the tab bar as a screen divider.

    I will mourn the loss of "mini mode". This was great when testing in wi-fi crowded areas as it gave you just the details you wanted to see and, when maximised, could show a lot more sources even than full-screen mode. Speaking of which...

    One other annoyance (carried forward from previous versions) is the one-way function of F11 (Full Screen). In every other program that offers such a facility (particularly browsers) F11 toggles full screen mode. In inSSIDer however you have to revert to the mouse or another keyboard function to get back, this isn't very intuitive. In V2.0 F10 correctly toggled mini-mode on/off.

    On the plus side I like the new colour scheme and it seems much easier to read the list section, just too much wasted space.

  4. Default Excellent feedback

    Great feedback, please keep it coming. None of these issues were addressed in today's release (, which was mostly about fixing bugs, but I'll get a list together for consideration for the next release.

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    Hi Brian,

    If you are asking for issues still not addressed; here's one i posted in Dec 2010 ...

    Based on my experience using inSSIDer; i have never
    seen a signal stronger than -40dB or weaker than about -80dB;
    so a amplitude range of -15dB to -100dB results in a 'compressed'
    graph where the action is, and a lot of wasted black space on the screen.

    so my request is simply - please allow the user to set/modify the maximum
    and minimum amplitude values so we can use our screens more efficiently and
    get bigger clearer graphs.



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