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Thread: Wi-Spy vs. Aircheck

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    I'm serioiusly looking to purchase a tool to provide my clients with efficient troubleshooting of wifi networks typically in education and hospitality applications. I need to be able to quickly identify problems, report findings and resolve issues. I am looking at either getting the wiSpy or aircheck by fluke. Can you provide me info on which to get and why?

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    Thank you for your question. There are several differences in our programs and the aircheck. What it really comes down to is requirements. What are you attempting to do with the tool? The aircheck unit is rugged, battery powered and can provide some noise level readings similar to a spectrum analyzer.

    The Wi-Spy software will be a better solution in tracking down non-Wi-Fi transmissions and potentially identifying the source of transmission. It gives you the power to construct a report detailing your findings too.

    If you want to talk about some of the details or see a demo, I'd be happy to assist you at support at metageek d0t net. I don't have an aircheck to demo but I can help with the Wi-Spy side of things.

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