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Thread: enabling GPS?

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    Default enabling GPS?

    I am clueless as to how to enable the GPS feature?

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    The Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer software currently does not have any GPS support.

    If you were talking about inSSIDer, however, please check out this video Enabling GPS in inSSIDer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trent View Post
    please check out this video Enabling GPS in inSSIDer
    I have v2.0.7.0126 of inSSIDer (and a Microsoft GPS-500 unit) and this video was not helpful.

    When I click on the GPS tab, I get the message: "GPS must be enabled to use this tab." When I click on the File drop-down menu (as shown in the video), I get only these choices:

    Configure GPS
    Change Log Filename
    Start Logging
    Convert GPX to KML
    Export to NS1

    Clicking on "Configure GPS," I set the following: COM5, 9600, 1, 8, Both, None. My options at that point are only to Cancel or Save.

    Where to I find the "Enable GPS" command?

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    You should click Save. Then on inSSIDer's main menu bar, there's a "Start GPS" button. Click it. That should enable the GPS function.


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