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Thread: what am i looking for?

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    Default what am i looking for?

    i'm pretty new to the inSSIDer 2.0. what am i looking for when having intermittent connection? all my modem lights are on and when i direct connect to my computer i can get on but i'm dropping connection randomly on all the wireless devices in the house. using the inssider i moved my router freq. to 5 since there were no other SSIDs using that freq. this a good idea?

    do i want a higher or lower RSSI and what exactly does that tell me? Recieved Signal Strength Indcation, right?

    thanks for any help.

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    higher RSSI is good.

    No other overlapping SSIDs in the channel view is also preferred. if it is cutting out, you'll want to view the spectrum with a spectrum analyzer.

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    Hello byzr,

    To touch on what Trent said, I want to throw in a little more detail (this is also from Trent, just an older post of his )
    -30dBm = Awesome
    -60dBm = Good
    -80dBm = Meh
    -90dBm = Bad

    Hope that helps,


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