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Thread: Verifying readings in INSSIDER

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    Default Verifying readings in INSSIDER

    HELLO AGain..

    im just curious if the readings of the inssider are accurate i mean regardless of the interference and if it so how to verify it??..

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    Hi angel,

    My understanding is that the values of the readings are obtained by the wifi receiver, and displayed by inSSIDer;
    so the accuracy needs to be checked in the specifications of the wifi receiver.

    Short of one having access to laboratory test gear; one way to verify the readings is to
    look for reviews of the wifi receivers online.

    Google is your friend here.


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    What mayim said is correct. inSSIDer pulls information straight form your internal wireless card or external wireless adapter. There is actually a list of wireless cards/adapter HERE which outlines good wireless cards to use.


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    thanks to both of you guys!!!

    cheers to you both!!

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    Glad the information was of use to you



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