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Thread: User Guide - Manual.

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    Question User Guide - Manual.

    Hi all,

    I've been following the forums for a while and I feel many of the questions raised and problems
    encountered, especially by the newbies, could be handled by a simple User Guide to inSSIDer,
    which ideally would be available contextually via the F1 button in the program itself.

    Hopefully as the guide matures, more advanced topics could be incorporated?

    What do you think ?


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    I bumping this one back up to the top
    to give the idea a second chance

    I'm surprised there's been no comment or support ?


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    I agree that there needs to be a user guide/quick start for inSSIDer, however, I don't see one being created anytime soon.

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    I'll add this to my list. But yeah, Tyler is right, it has gone without a guide for a long time... and Eye P.A. is swamping the team.

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    Trent, If you would like to give me a check list of things that should be on the guide, I might be able to throw one up when I am out of support to do. Can be an ongoing project for me for a little while

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    Good on you Stephen !



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