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Thread: Bug with gps data

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    Default Bug with gps data

    Hello can someone help me with a problem i have with gps data. I am using an app on my iphone called GPS 2 IP to push NMEA data to my laptop using com0com and netcat. Everything appears to be working, i am getting data through netcat and i have the coordinates in inssider.

    This is where my problems begin, the longitude is wrong. Weather it is displayed wrong in inssider or transmitted wrong from GPS 2 IP i do not know. I am in the uk with the following coords

    The gps data from netcat is as follows

    User@User-NetBook ~
    $ nc 11123 | tee /dev/ttyS0
    GPS 2 IP Server started. "exit" to finish.
    it appears correct and i have spoke to the developer who seems to this the data is correct, however the data populated in inssider is wrong -2.16 shows as -216

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now after i bit more testing, i used google earth ad the gps settings in that and the gps data is displayed correctly so i am leaning towards the idea that inssider is at fault.

    can someone look at this and comfirm its a bug or my misunderstanding, Thanks

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    Well i have just tried vistumbler and that also gives me the correct location data so it appears inssider is at fault here.

    some feedback would be nice

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    I have found what causes this problem, and I'm now looking into how to fix it.

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    Thanks for jumping on this. If you would like to share a rundown of the solution when you get it for our developers out there, that would be awesome!

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    Ok, well, the problem was that the NMEA sentence parser was assuming that the longitude value from the GPGGA and GPRMC sentences were going to have a whole-number part that was 5 characters long. rizla's GPS gives values without any left 0 padding, which inSSIDer's parser didn't account for.

    I fixed the problem by left-padding the values with 0s (if needed) before parsing.

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    thanks for the update, do you know if and when a new version is due with the said bugfix?

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    Default I fixed the problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    .... I fixed the problem by left-padding the values with 0s (if needed) before parsing.
    Hi Tyler,

    I looked at your fork on github but could not see it

    hope to see it soon ...


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    That would be because...I forgot to push it to my github repo
    I just resolved that after reading your post.

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    Glad I could help


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    Eh, just Tyler making sure that you guys are awake, right Tyler

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