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Thread: 2,4Ghz - what is this?

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    I took this capture at an Airport terminal, and as far as I know the customer only have a WLAN solution running on channel 1 and 11. However I see these thin spikes in the capture. They occured when I was passing an area with a lot of cafeterias. Any idea what this can be?


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    It looks like whatever is causing this is some how related to the band below.

    Do you mind checking running a trial of Chanalyzer Lab? It will let you scan outside of the 2.4 GHz band. It will automatically start a 15 day trial which should be enough to find this.

    I would set the start MHz to 2350 and the Stop MHz to 2450. That will help you find whatever is transmitting to track it down.

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    Thanks, I will try the Chanalyzer Lab at the customer site on Thursday this week :-)


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